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Quentin Rogers

05 September 2019

Lead Developer Lead Developer

Quentin is a  Front End Web Developer with a wealth of experience and a passion for delivering websites and applications that help organizations and individuals meet their goals. I find excitement in utilizing the new directions and technologies the web has to offer, has to offer while keeping in mind the practical needs of my clients in order to take the most pragmatic approach. The nature of the web guarantees that there will be something new every day and I am always up for the challenge.  His recent work includes: Vancouver Coastal Health/Fraser Health neighbourhood health survey site; Youth engagement program for the Vancouver Foundation; Imagine Sustainability Today; National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association; and CSS animated infographic for Alexandra Morton done about 8-9 years agoInternational Integrative Psychotherapy Association


For Hello Cool World he'll be working on our new WordPress projects and the Cool World App.